Business Insider: Zume’s robot pizzeria could be the future of workplace automation

Business Insider: Zume’s robot pizzeria could be the future of workplace automation

Zume Pizza, a food delivery startup in the San Francisco Bay Area – with the help of robotic companions.

A robot places pizzas into an oven as it comes off a conveyor belt at Zume Pizza in Mountain View. Zume Pizza uses robots to make customers’ pizza, hoping to reduce labor costs and therefore make pizza a more profitable venture. One robot spreads the sauce on the uncooked pies, then humans add toppings, and another robot pops it in the oven. They are also rolling out delivery trucks with smart ovens to cook pies en route to customers.

TechCrunch: A robot places a pizza in an oven

At Zume Pizza, pies made by human hands are becoming a thing of the past. The startup is working on automating the process using a collection of pizza-making robots programmed for tasks such as applying pizza sauce and sliding pies into the oven. And on Thursday, Zume announced the launch of its latest high-tech feature — a delivery truck loaded with smart ovens that bake pies while they’re en route to customers.

All that technology makes the process cheaper and more efficient — Zume’s founder says her kitchen can make a pie in 22 seconds. But in a world where everything from cars and surgical equipment to home thermostats and mall security guards has become automated, adding pizza to that list may compound fears that Silicon Valley residents will have to compete with robots for jobs.

That allows the operation to improve efficiency and let its human employees spend time on less tedious work, according to CEO and co-founder Julia Collins. “We wanted to identify places where humans were overtaxed physically, bored, or whether the job they were doing was not safe, like sticking their hand into a 600 degree oven for six hours a day,” Collins said in an interview with The Verge.

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Zume Pizza

What: A delivery-only pizza startup that uses robots to make the pies, automating tasks such as applying sauce and putting the pizza in the oven.

Where: Mountain View

Cost: $15-$19 for a 14-inch pie. Delivery is free.

Delivery area: Zume delivers within Mountain View and to parts of Los Altos, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto.