Business Insider: Autonomous mobile robot for transport and delivery of material

Business Insider: Autonomous mobile robot for transport and delivery of material

Autonomous robots are becoming more commonplace in hospital environments, where they can be used to deliver supplies throughout the facility. The COVID-19 pandemic presents even more reason to use mobile robots for the safe distribution of hospital materials in quarantine zones, Bieller noted, citing Photoneo´s mobile robot Phollower as an example.

During the crisis, drones have been deployed to enforce curfews and provide security surveillance, increasing sales of the robotic devices to government agencies. In the short term, to enforce quarantine mandates, governments will need to increase their security apparatuses, as well as the productivity of their medical agencies, ABI Research notes.

With stay-at-home orders in place around the globe, there’s an opportunity for robot delivery companies to show their value. The drone delivery market could take its experience from transporting supplies in the developing world to scale up operations in the most affected countries. The research firm expect that potential to translate into a $414 million small drone delivery market by 2021, growing further to $10.4 billion by 2030.

Key Facts

  • Universal mobile platform for warehouses, factories and hotels
  • Robot distribution solution for carrying (max 100 kg / 220.5 lbs) and pulling (max 350 kg / 771.62 lbs)
  • Simple use, quick setup, flexible and reconfigurable
  • No floor marking tapes needed
  • PC / tablet responsive web interface
  • Remote controlling
  • Online troubleshooting


  • Safe and fast AMR with easy operation and navigation, including via elevators
  • Surrounding environment checked 33 times per second and system able to detect an obstacle every 30 ms
  • Detecting objects with a minimum width 30 mm
  • All safety components meet the requirements of the safety class SIL2 PL.d Category 3


  • Real-time robot navigation by controlling movements with a joystick
  • Instant map redrawing

Trajectory planning

  • Quick and easy
  • Custom trajectory curves
  • Station points
  • Speed zones and limits (max. speed: 1.125 m/s)
  • Cyclic or dynamical move plans
  • Reversible movement

Source: photoneo